Executive Alumni is a community
of clients and Alumni.

Client Terms

We charge no fee and there are no hidden costs. We intend to generate our income from sponsorship and from our GlidePath Service.

This means there is no disincentive for you to use Executive Alumni to help you find key resources. The only cost to you is the fee you agree to pay to the Alumnus. We take no percentage and there is no transaction fee.

We work with a portfolio of clients, who we support on an on-going basis, helping them to grow and transform their business through the acquisition of key skills, as and when they are required. 

 Our principal objective is to try and help our clients' businesses to succeed.

You can register for access to our service for no charge and without commitment.

Register with us or call us on 0207 385 6930.

Alumni Terms

We charge no fee and there are no hidden costs. It’s free to join…..but membership is strictly by invitation only.

We interview and take up references on all applicants. The reasons are simple:

…’s about ensuring you understand and share our values, which are based on supporting and helping businesses over and above simply making money from them. We seek to provide Alumni of a quality and seniority that many organisations could not otherwise attract. We also commit, on your behalf, that you will not charge full commercial rates. We believe that Alumni fees should reflect the ability of the organisation to pay as well as the value delivered.

…’s about understanding your core skills so that we can represent them properly whilst ensuring that you understand and are comfortable with the type of assignments that our clients will be offering

…’s to explain that you will be contracting directly with clients….we facilitate the introduction, but it is up to you to agree any fees

And finally it’s because, whilst we use the web, we are a professional team with backgrounds not dissimilar to your own who believe in the value of the human touch.

Apply for membership or call us on 0207 385 6930