The Executive Alumni approach

Our business seeks to address the needs of both clients and executives. To our clients, we are a source of key skills to help them grow and develop their business. To our executive members (Alumni) we are a source of interesting and stimulating assignments .

The Client perspective:

My business employs some really great people but the challenges and opportunities we face are many and varied and we do not always have executives with the experience or skills required to address these quickly and efficiently. We also recognise that the difference between business success and failure is largely dependent on the quality of the management team and the advice they receive.

Time, money and the risk of getting it wrong are all barriers to hiring senior executives with the requisite skills and whilst consulting organisations are an option, their variable quality and relative expense often deter us.

We would really value being able to dip into a pool of highly experienced and skilled executives with proven experience as and when we required. We recognise that by so doing we could significantly improve the performance of our business. 

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The Alumni perspective:

I no longer need or want to work full time for a single company but would rather work on a flexible basis. I am looking for an organisation that would enable me to find interesting and challenging assignments and roles with new companies.

I see working as a privilege and a pleasure and still want the stimulation that business offers. I have enjoyed a successful career and the earnings that come with such success but now I am looking for more variety and independence.

Money is still important but not the driving factor or the measure of success it once was. I am more motivated by the prospect of contributing my expertise to new businesses, helping them to address the business challenges they face in today’s tough economic climate. I would enjoy using my accumulated knowledge and business network to help others.

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