Executive Alumni’s GlidePath Service (GPS) seeks to help senior executives who are leaving an organisation to prepare themselves for an independent career.

The GlidePath Service (GPS) is designed to support those executives who, whilst about to
retire from full time employment (through choice or necessity), have no wish to retire from
working life, but rather to enter a new and exciting phase of their careers as independent
professionals. We help such individuals to transition seamlessly from their existing
corporate environment into a new independent ecosystem by providing on-going professional
support, coaching and encouragement.

The needs of individuals vary, of course, so Executive Alumni’s GlidePath Service is
fully customised, but based around the following 5 key phases:

  • Get Going – planning an exit and preparing a framework for the future
  • Get Motivated – addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of change
  • Get Marketable – covering the practicalities of finding new work
  • Get Active – putting all the planning into action
  • Get Feedback – providing on-going support and advice

For more details about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact us