About Us

Executive Alumni provides businesses with unique access to a network of highly experienced and skilled executives who are motivated to contribute their knowledge and expertise to organisations on an ad hoc basis and at an affordable cost. We bring together these individuals into one accessible marketplace and act as a facilitator between organisations requiring skills and support and those willing and able to meet their needs.


Many businesses are simply unable to attract the skills and experience they need, or to justify the cost. The challenges vary but the need for specialist skills and proven experience is a constant. The cost of taking on full time executives is high, as is the associated risk, whilst consulting and interim management remain an expensive option. A service which allows businesses to access a portfolio of experienced and skilled executives, willing to work on a flexible basis and at a cost significantly less than commercial market rates, is a compelling proposition.

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There is a rich seam of talent available in the market which is largely untapped and underutilised. Many executives reach a point in their life where they no longer need or wish to continue working full time for an organisation. They would still like to capitalise on their skills and experience, but in a more diverse and independent way and to the benefit of other organisations. Typically these individuals have been extremely successful, with high earnings during their primary careers. Whilst they may look to supplement their income, their primary motivation is the stimulation and enjoyment of work rather than remuneration per se.

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